Beta build updates

Please check our Reddit for quick updates as we publish new beta versions.

Download Audiobooked for Windows 10 Beta app

Download Audiobooked UWP (Beta)

If you are not ready to test our UWP beta version or you are still on Windows Phone 8.1, you can download Audiobooked for Windows Phone 8.1.

Notice about the beta

Please be reminded that this is a BETA release, and of course you all know the drill about beta apps, we release a very early version of our app to get your feedback as early as possible and it is expected that you will experience some issues in the functions and design. We’re making good progress, so bear with us.

Important Notes:
– We might encounter critical issues and you will lose library data (audiobooks, bookmarks, history, etc.)
– We need your patience as we move forward on this Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version for Windows 10 mobile/desktop
– You need the latest Windows 10 build on your phone, build 10586 or higher to be specific.
– In beta you cannot buy it and you cannot do in-app purchases (in settings you will find ‘for testers’ section and there should be ‘full paid mode’ switch so you can test how it works in PRO mode)
– The beta is also only in English, other languages will be added on final release
– You can use the Universal app on Windows 10 desktop but the layout is not yet optimized (we will polish the interface for Windows 10 mobile first then desktop later on)

Now that you know the fine print on becoming a beta tester, send us your feedback! We need them, help us in making this the best audiobook experience on Windows 10. :)

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