The modern audiobook experience for Windows.

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Welcome to the beautiful and modern audiobook experience on Windows Phone.

Modern user experience

Completely redesigned to delight you.

Custom Bookmarks

Add unlimited number of custom bookmarks.

Playing history

Saves your last position for every book.

Sleep Timer

Automatically stop playback after a few minutes.

Audiobook Source

Import files from OneDrive, Dropbox, Music Library, SD card.

Extensive Visual Customization

Personalize your OWN audiobook experience.

Library Management

The most straight-forward audiobook library management system.

Quick Access

One tap to quickly access chapters and bookmarks in your audiobook.

Adjust playback rate

Go slow from 0.5x or go fast up to 3x.

File Format Support

Play MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV and most of M4A, M4B audiobooks.



“So far an incredible app! Upgraded to the pro version immediately.”

“Lots of audio players available, but most just don’t handle audio books well. After trying about a dozen, this is the one!”

“Only app I was missing on WP was a good audiobook player. And this is finally it :-)”




Say hello to the beautifully designed audiobook player for Windows Phone.

We set out to deliver the best user experience and have completely redesigned the app to follow the modern design language of the Windows platform while adding our own touch to delight you every time you listen to your audiobooks.



Built with the new WinRT APIs introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, app performance is more fluid and stability is significantly improved all while being ready for the Universal Apps of Windows 10 (coming 2015).

Navigation is now more intuitive than ever. One tap is all you need to quickly access any chapter, bookmark, or even specific position in your audiobook. No more digging around on complicated menus with the new user experience that is both modern and native to Windows.





Make the buttons larger, switch from serif to sans serif fonts, go minimalist or full color, blur or desaturate the app background plus a whole lot more.

Every one of us is unique. That’s why we have intently developed an extensive visual customization system so that you can personalize for your OWN unique audiobook experience.

This is the only audiobook player on Windows that is truly personal ;)


More features

The only fully-featured audiobook player on modern Windows.

Custom Bookmarks

Add practically unlimited number of bookmarks for every book you have. And yes, you can definitely name that bookmark whatever you want ;)

Adjust Playback Rate

Want to speed up or slow down the audiobook you are listening to? You got it. Just one tap and you can go slow from .5x or go fast up to 3x.

Sleep Timer

Want to stop listening after a few minutes? Set a sleep timer and we will automatically stop the audiobook playing and save its last position just for you.

Dark/Light Theme

No matter what your phone theme is your audiobook experience will look beautiful. Audiobooked fully supports the dark and light theme plus the high-contrast mode of Windows Phone.

Playing History

Now you never have to worry about losing your position. We automatically save your position for every book, everytime you pause or switch to another book.

Quick Access

One tap is all you need to quickly access any chapter, bookmark, or even specific position in your audiobook. No more digging around on complicated menus just to find your favorite part.

Audiobook Format

The only audiobook player in the Windows store with extensive file format support. Add MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV files to your library. (Limited support to non-DRMed M4B and M4A files)

Audiobook Source

Get your audiobook files wherever you stored them. Import files from OneDrive, Dropbox, Music Library and SD card.

Library Management

With just one swipe and you now have easy access to your entire audiobook collection. Just tap an audiobook and you get immediate access to its properties. You can even reorder your library and have it the way you want it

Audiobook Meta-data

Automatically extracts the title, author and book cover from your source file so your audiobook is ready to play without missing tags.

SD Card Support

Store your entire audiobook collection on your SD card and never delete an audiobook again.


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